Business Air Charters for Corporations

For more than 40 years, Executive Jet Management has worked to build its reputation as the private jet charter provider of choice for many of the world’s most successful organizations. That’s because at EJM, we understand that safety, security, operational excellence, and exceptional customer service are what corporate travelers require. 

About the Program

EJM delivers the levels of service and safety your company should expect.

Safety and Security

EJM has a strong, companywide commitment to safety and security and can back it up with fully developed, inspected, and approved programs, making sure every flight your company charters is managed under the highest standards.

EJM has an active emergency response program which addresses all foreseeable emergencies related to air travel and plans out solutions step-by-step. In the event of any emergency, small or large, EJM has planned for every contingency. We also have fully developed quality and safety management systems to ensure there is full oversight of all daily operations.

Each and every EJM team member also undergoes extensive training to ensure that any issue, no matter how small, is resolved quickly and efficiently. Training covers a variety of subjects from aircraft, client, and facility security to ensuring strict client confidentiality. We also conduct random security tests and checks, as well as regularly scheduled security procedure audits, to ensure that all personnel are fully trained to follow established procedures.

All employees, contractors, and vendors who routinely access our facilities and aircraft are screened for safety including extensive background checks. All crewmembers also pass a fingerprint Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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Pilot Experience

EJM hires and retains the most seasoned pilots and invests in ongoing training that exceeds the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) requirements, guaranteeing that your employees are in the hands of the best in the industry.

Although aviation is a federally regulated industry, there is a broad range of pilot experience and training from one charter provider to the next. To legally fly commercial or charter aircraft, the FAA requires that a captain or first officer has a Commercial Pilot Certificate. This translates to only 250 total flight hours. Regarding recurrent training, a pilot only has to receive flight simulator training once a year.

EJM exceeds these FAA requirements, requiring a minimum of approximately 3,500 flight hours for captains and 2,500 for first officers in addition to mandatory recurrent flight simulator training twice a year. EJM's pilots are also required to hold a First Class Medical Certificate, which helps to ensure the safety of the passengers in case of an emergency.

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Aircraft Maintenance Standards

EJM not only has rigorous safety standards in place for our aircraft but strives to exceed FAA requirements with fully developed quality assurance systems and award winning maintenance technicians, ensuring that when your employees step aboard, it will always be in top flying condition.

EJM's aircraft undergo routine safety checks and maintenance inspections to ensure that they not only meet FAA regulatory requirements, but also meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

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Guaranteed Quotes

EJM delivers a “hard” quote, which includes all fees and possible surcharges and is guaranteed once you book your trip, giving you the ability to easily and accurately forecast your company’s travel expenses.

EJM promises a guaranteed quote with no surprises on your final invoice and we do not add additional fees or surcharges to your final bill that were not factored into the initial quote, including anything from fuel to catering.

A Charter Services Representative will discuss all of your charter options with you before giving you a detailed, guaranteed quote which reflects the best-sized, best-priced aircraft for your trip with no hidden fees or charges and no obligation to book the flight. If the actual flying time exceeds the quoted amount, you will not be responsible for the additional cost. We absorb this cost as part of our guaranteed quote promise. With the standard On-Demand Charter option, payments should be able to be made in advance or invoiced after the trip.

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Flexibility and Tailored Solutions

EJM accommodates almost any situation and offers several fully-customizable charter programs, allowing you to tailor your entire charter experience to fit your company’s exact needs.

EJM can fulfill all your company’s flying needs including arrival and departure cities, dates and times, number of passengers, luggage requirements, and preferred amenities including flight attendants, sleeping capabilities, and in-flight services such as Internet and phone access.

We have several charter programs to choose from and are able to clearly outline for you in detail, the actual time and money your company will save with each. These programs include varying billing options as well as incentives.

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Flight Scheduling and Tracking

EJM has a fully equipped, 24/7/365 flight center with a knowledgeable flight scheduling, following, and coordinating staff, so you can change anything about your charter trip at any point.

EJM has experienced staff available 24/7/365, with the ability to book travel, alter travel plans, and provide you with flight tracking updates at any time. We do not outsource our flight scheduling and tracking, so booking travel with us is quite simple.

Our around-the-clock staff has the ability to easily book or change the details of your charter trip and provide you with constant updates and alerts throughout the entire trip, including take-off and landing notifications and in-flight status reports. This eliminates the hassle of scrambling to make potentially costly, last-minute travel arrangements or changes.

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Travel Planning Services

EJM can assist you with travel-related services beyond flight scheduling, ensuring that your entire trip will be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

EJM offers additional travel-related services from provisioning your aircraft and giving you weather updates to arranging for chauffeured ground transportation, onboard catering, and any other special requests including cakes, flowers, and decorations. Put simply, EJM is capable of serving as your personal private aviation assistant.

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International Travel

EJM has the ability, expertise, and experience to fly almost anywhere in the world so your employees will receive the same standards of privacy, flexibility, safety, security, and service in their private jet abroad that they are accustomed to in the United States.

EJM has a fleet of aircraft with the ability to travel internationally, and can also provide your company with international trip and flight planning services including overflight and landing permits, hotel accommodations and travel services, itinerary and route planning, computerized flight plans, weather briefings and change notices, onboard catering, chauffeured ground transportation, and airport recommendations.

We monitor threat levels of all countries worldwide on a daily basis to ensure the highest levels of security for your employees who fly internationally. We will advise you of any known security threats and coordinate any necessary security arrangements to maximize safety and comfort. We also have international operations programs in place that provide convenience to their clients when traveling internationally such as Visa Waiver or Southern Border Overflight Exemption.

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Aircraft Operator Versus Broker

EJM flights are operated by Executive Jet Management, Inc, an FAA-certified Part 135 charter operator who is ultimately responsible for operating the airplane as well as any activities necessary to conduct the flight, giving you the ability to inquire about, and accurately assess, our safety and service standards and practices.

Many providers that offer charter services are brokers or middlemen between you and a charter operator and do not actually operate aircraft. The risk associated with using a broker and not a FAA-certified charter operator is that there are no guarantees as to what you will be receiving in regard to safety, security, and service. Brokers are solely responsible for booking the flight and do not have any direct control over the actual charter operator you will be flying with. As an operator, EJM has real, first-hand experience operating aircraft and knows exactly what to do for the utmost in safety.

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Experience and Stability

EJM is an established business, and has the resources to guarantee that we will not only be there for you and your company now but well into the future.

Experience levels can vary significantly from one charter provider to another. Experience is extremely important as some providers may have not previously flown flights similar to the one you may be currently booking. We manage more than 41,000 flights into 1,300 different airports across 108 countries. More than 31 million miles and 72,400 flight hours are also completed annually.

Stability should also factor into your decision process when choosing a charter provider. We have the resources available to hire talented and trained professionals, develop sophisticated technologies, and invest in award winning safety and security programs.

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Choosing a Corporate Jet Charter Provider

This guide presents the top things you should consider when choosing a corporate jet charter provider to help you select the right one for your company.


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