Large Cabin Jets

Ideal for international, nonstop transoceanic travel

Large cabin jets are designed to comfortably accommodate 8 to 12 passengers with substantial baggage space.

Ideal for international, nonstop transoceanic travel with a standard travel range of up to nine hours flight time or 4,500 miles in optimal conditions.

All large cabin jets include an enclosed lavatory and a fully-equipped galley with room for preparing and serving food and drinks. They also have the largest interiors and include sleeping accommodations for smaller groups. All flights will have a flight attendant on board. These jets provide the greatest number of amenities in the highest level of comfort.


Technical specifications represent maximum ranges and vary by aircraft type with this cabin class.

Maximum number of passengers (Depending on aircraft type)
8 - 12
Maximum Baggage Volume
From 115 cu. ft.
Up to 184 cu. ft.
Maximum Cabin Dimensions
  • Height 6.1 ft. - 6.3 ft.
  • Width 6.11 ft. - 8.2 ft.
  • Length 28.4 ft. - 31 ft.
Maximum Speed
510 - 530 mph
Maximum Range
3000 - 4500 miles Range map

Available Jets in this Class

  • Falcon 2000 / EX / LX
  • Challenger 601 / 604 / 605
  • Embraer Legacy

Seating configurations vary on each aircraft. Performance specifications are based on a representative aircraft in each cabin class. Actual flight range and cruise speed will vary with payload, wind, weather, and other conditions. Please contact Executive Jet Management for more information.

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